Whenever I ponder an online purchase I always read the customer reviews. It is hard to get testimonials from students and clients in my private bodywork practice but every quarter my university yoga students are required to complete evaluations which they fill out anonymously. I have accumulated a large file of these and, since I have minimal testimonials, I am including some of their responses starting with the most recent to as far back as 2011 at the bottom.

I welcome testimonials from anyone willing to write one. I even have a questionnaire you can fill out by clicking here: testimonial-questions.

“Nancy is very comprehensive. She always states why we do the poses we do. This helps to understand the benefit of the poses. She is very knowledgeable and always willing to help. She teaches in a manner that allows for strengths and weaknesses to both benefit. I wish the class were longer.”

“Honestly, Nancy is a great instructor, leader and person. Everyone who attends enjoys, appreciates and is improved. Keep her. She’s a real joy. And she cares.”

“Nancy is very knowledgeable and makes sure we understand each pose and its benefits. The classroom atmosphere is very comfortable and supportive. We are given an opportunity each week to talk about our practice, how it is going and what areas we would like to work on. This is very helpful. The instructor both pushes our limits and lets us determine those limits. This makes for a great class.”

“She had great explanations that made me comfortable with all poses. The class atmosphere was very open. Felt like a group coming together. Her standards were fair and safe. I never felt pressured to do anything beyond my limits. She is kind and friendly with a great heart for beginning yoga practice.”

“She is very energetic and positive in each class. Also very motivational. The classroom atmosphere is mellow and welcoming.”

“She explains very clearly and with patience. The class feels very friendly and warm. She’s a friendly professor who is very passionate about yoga. She makes the class very fun and easy.”

“Does poses with you so you can see how to do it. Goes around and fixes your poses if you’re doing them wrong.”

“Very great teacher, over all her teaching is well done and understanding. She is good at getting each of us into the poses and helping us become more flexible.”

“I enjoyed every new pose. You were very clear and easy to understand. The course was very relaxing and a new experience that I enjoyed very much. You were an amazing and very sweet instructor.”

“Fantastic instructor. Fun class, inviting, yet chill. She listened to what we needed and she told cool stories.”

“Very good instructor. She’s fun and sweet. The class was calm with a silent relaxing atmosphere.”

“Nancy is great with all of her students. She loves what she does and she loves sharing her knowledge.”

“No need for improvement. Wish there were afternoon classes for this as well.”

Only improvement would be to make the class longer and perhaps 3 days a week. Instructor was amazing.”

“She was very helpful and not only has taught me lessons in yoga, but techniques I can use in my future career.”

“She is aware that this is a beginning yoga class but she motivates her students to listen to their bodies and try their hardest.”

“Awesome instructor! She clearly knows what she’s teaching. The class was relaxing and fun and I totally appreciated her high standards. She challenged me – some of the activities I never knew I was capable of. Class should be longer!!

“Nancy is a very good and experienced teacher. She is very knowledgeable of yoga poses and thoroughly explains poses and techniques. She is very interactive and friendly which makes class fun.”

“Amazing!!! I recommend her & her class 100%! The class was relaxing, calm, serene, enjoyable and challenged my flexibility.”

“She was very enthusiastic about yoga which made it fun. She always made sure to help anyone with their poses.”

“Her class is helpful for flexibility and very helpful for back stuff as well and belly stuff.”

“Gives options for students w/ back pain/injury & vulnerable knees.”

“Nancy is so passionate about yoga. Its wonderful. She is always full of energy and warm to students. She is very flexible to students physical capabilities. She’s kind, knowledgeable and friendly. Yoga is so helpful.”

“She is communicative and explains everything thoroughly to make sure you are safe.”

“Nancy is very excited to teach this class. She is very flexible, nice and helpful. I felt calm in class. She is very patient & kind yet she motivates us to try our best. I am more flexible now. I am relieving stress. I feel happy in this class.”

“She was very helpful, patient and thorough. She explains very well and took time with beginners like me.”

“She’s very clear, supportive and engaged in the activities.”

“Very passionate about yoga. Makes it fun/informative. Very fun class.”

“Nancy’s classes are the best. Not an overstatement! It’s the ideal yoga environment.”

“The instructor was supportive of any student struggling with poses and always willing to help.”

“I always hated missing this class. It was enjoyable, joyful and happy.”

“She was great. So kind and enthusiastic. Always made me feel better. Opened my eyes to a new way of living! Class was very calm. Like in heaven. I didn’t want to leave! I would like perhaps more outdoor activity. I enjoyed the days we had a view of nature.”

“Nancy incorporates sanskrit, poses, personal experiences and modifications of poses in her teaching creating an interactive environment wherein students can voice concerns, experiences and areas in which they require improvement. She is also encouraging and easy to talk to.”

“Nancy is incredible – she’s enthusiastic, exciting & knowledgeable. I’ve enjoyed her class for many reasons. Very inspirational.”

“She was really helpful and good for me because I was a beginner. She took things slow. She did not expect us to do every pose flawlessly, but as best as we could. She was super sweet and helpful and that made me enjoy class.”

“The instructor is a very happy and likable person which made yoga fun and easy to learn. Class was not intimidating.”

“Nancy is patient & kind with a soothing aura. Very ethereal atmosphere.”

“Whenever I needed help, she was always there for guidance.”

She is so enthusiastic and her energy is awesome.”

“Supportive of everyone … loves her teaching field.”

The instructor made me feel comfortable and the class helped w/ my anger.”

“She gives us a lot of help and has a soothing voice.”

“Everyone participated, was friendly and had positive attitudes. I like that she would ask us if there was anything specific we wanted to work on.”

“She is passionate for what she does and loves to help us out to understand and get poses correct.”

“She was very helpful in teaching yoga. She is an amazing yogi and has changed my ways of life.”

“She is very dedicated to yoga and helping students better understand the practice.”

“Her teaching is very embracing and welcoming.”

“The instructor’s teaching is well informed and explained and the class atmosphere is loose, friendly and vibrant. Her strengths are her knowledge, compassion and understanding.”

She is one of the best instructors I’ve had here.”

“I love her! She’s very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about yoga. Everyone in class is caring for each other and it’s a fun environment.”

3rd time taking this course, it is my absolute favorite.”

She loves what she does.”

“She is very enthusiastic and it makes learning very easy. Everyone is very friendly and her attitude is so amazing.”

“The instructor is very knowledgeable about yoga and it showed through her teaching.”

“She’s very chipper and teaches us core strengthening”

I enjoyed this class a lot. She is very optimistic and cheerful. Magnificent yoga instructor.”

“Teaches based off of our needs. She’s understanding if we cannot do a pose. She gives us alternatives or helps adjust us. Very good course. Very good instructor. Therapeutic. So helps with busy college life. I think classes should be longer.”

“Exceptionally wonderful!!! One of my favorite classes. Nancy is such an amazing instructor. The atmosphere in class was very relaxed, at ease, calming and overall spectacular! She’s understanding, compassionate, knows yoga, is hands on and helpful. She’s PERFECT!”

Amazing, she challenged me throughout the course. Everyone participated and spoke up when they needed help. She did everything she could to help her students reach the poses and work toward a stronger body & mind.”

“Very adaptive to all levels, hands on approach. The class was welcoming and her standards were individualized to meet each student’s starting level.

She’s very enthusiastic, friendly, hard working. She instructs us step by step in detail. I love her class. The classroom atmosphere is very friendly, relaxed. We shared our story everytime we met.”

She’s really, really explicit and motivating. She’s very omniscient in all the aspects of Yoga, which gives me confidence in all she instructs us.”

She’s very encouraging and uplifting. Her charisma and extremely pleasant and amazing persona knows everything or very much about her area.”

“She really loves teaching and practicing yoga & that energy reflects into her students.”

Nancy knows what she is doing and is very accommodating to students of all abilities. Everyone, including Nancy, was super nice and happy to be here.”

She really emphasizes safety & is very aware of all the students. She’s very knowledgeable & stays behind to answer questions. She’s a master of her craft & always tells us how to relate yoga to the outside world & real life situations.”

Nancy’s an amazing instructor. Every class makes me feel closer to being a true yogi.”

The class is calm and totally positive and supportive. Like a community. She is super positive and energetic. Bubbly.”

“I will definitely take yoga again with Nancy. I really enjoyed learning about yoga and I would like to continue practicing. I didn’t feel intimidated for being a beginner or anything.”

Amazing, we should allow Nancy to have longer yoga classes. She’s always happy and ready to try new moves. Fun and full of life.”

“I absolutely loved this class. She was very kind and loves practicing yoga. Everyone was very respectful and enjoyed every pose that she taught us.” 

The instructor was always upbeat and happy. She helped every student with any sore place they had or any stretching they wanted to improve on. The atmosphere was relaxed and serene. I enjoyed coming because of the peaceful atmosphere. The strengths are the instructors attitude which has to do a lot on how well you do in a course. The poses felt good as a beginner. I enjoyed the class and instructor so much that I plan to come back next quarter. Hopefully with the same instructor.”

Ms. Ivey is very soothing with every practice. She is not intimidating and is very pleasant to be around.”

She’s so positive and always wanting to instruct us students. She understands we students are all in different levels. Her strengths are her grace, energy and aura.”

Great explanations and instruction. Expert in yoga. Awesome instructor.”

Nancy is very informational and is always describing movements, breaths and positions. It’s really nice hearing her wealth of information about yoga. She is passionate about yoga and is very good at sharing her passion.”

“Explains yoga in a way everyone can understand.”

She’s very organized and informative. Very much into it. She’s very vocal, animated and personal.”

Nancy is one of the most knowledgeable yogis I have encountered. I have attended yoga  conference classes in LA and taught yoga. Nancy is a real asset to CSUB.”