Jumpstart your transformative journey by spending several hours, a whole day or a weekend on a personal retreat with facilitator Nancy Ivey to dwell in the therapies, treatments and guidance she provides.

Initiate a Conversation with the Cosmos 

Nancy has lived in the Kern River Valley for 30 years. Let her introduce you to the scenic sanctuaries of this natural Shangri-La located in the southern Sequoia National Forest between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The Pranic Force is With You

Join Nancy at Yogaya studio for restorative yoga and mindfulness training. Experience a Tibetan singing bowl soundbath in the acoustically enhanced yoga dome. Absorb hydrotherapy in Yogaya’s sauna and jacuzzi; or drive to a nearby hot spring, next to the river, minutes away.

Flowing With the Tao

Release your burdens and enhance fluid movement with magical CranioSacral therapy. Resurrect your ideal self through compassionate coaching. Discover and articulate your dreams while co-creating a harmonious future.

Joyful Arts Immersion 

Embrace art activities that activate the experiential mind and access the unconscious. Unveil your voice through call and response mantra. Center yourself in sacred circle dance.

Solid Like a Mountain

Calm mind and body by walking peacefully through Yogaya’s seven circuit Cretan labyrinth. Laid out in stone, the labyrinth is only a short walk from the yoga dome but invokes an equal journey through inner space.

Walk in Beauty

For longer retreats, drive a short distance and hike to cooling creeks, mesmerizing waterfalls, riveting rockslides, towering granite pinnacles and giant Sequoia trees. Paddle a kayak on Lake Isabella or pedal a mountain bike through the forest. Energize yourself with a whitewater rafting trip down the wild and scenic Kern river.

Harvest Fresh Vegetarian Food

Pick fresh vegetables from our organic garden and learn to prepare sumptuous vegetarian meals. Enjoy nutrient rich fresh fruit smoothies. Notice the inner peace and emotional balance that comes from ingesting the abundant life force (Prana) stored in wholesome natural foods.

Dream a Healing Dream

For weekend retreats sleep under the stars on sleeping platforms or nestle in our snug bungalow perched on the hillside. Enjoy morning meditation and evening council fires.

Yogaya is sustained by the holistic services we provide and we invite the greater community to recharge their incarnational vehicles with us.

Call Nancy at 760.379.1587 or email her at to design the perfect personal retreat addressing your concerns for optimal satisfaction.