Certified in therapeutic massage since 2002 from Massage Training Institute in Bakersfield, California, Nancy Ivey began practicing chair massage at the Lakeshore farmer’s market in Wofford Heights, CA in July 2012. With further training in sports massage she was well equipped to leverage her bodywork experience into providing onsite therapy to interested consumers.

Offering chair massage at the work place presents a wonderful opportunity for the work force. Without committing themselves to an expensive investment behind the closed doors of a regular session, chair massage clients enjoy the convenient benefits of caring touch which releases tension while reducing pain.

Corporate executives interested in achieving workplace wellness have invited chair massage therapists into their boardrooms and offices to provide mini vacations for their employees while embracing a proven preventative health care modality. Massage renews stressed out workers and optimizes their performance.



Having earned certification as a yoga instructor in 1994 from Center for Yoga in Los Angeles and after teaching yoga classes regularly for California State University Bakersfield, Nancy Ivey understands how to unite a community of practitioners. She offers lunchtime yoga classes to the corporate world and provides her own equipment to ensure a restorative experience for all of her students.

In November 2011, Nancy was hired to teach yoga to the Bakersfield Jam, an NBA Development League basketball team bringing world class basketball to Kern County.

Working with players during the 2012-13 & 2013-14 seasons as well, Nancy helped them identify and release tension in their bodies wrought by their intense training and rigorous games. Players acknowledged the regenerative nature of their yoga practice for preventing injuries by increasing flexibility and improving relaxation.

“Hi Nancy, I just wanted to send you a note of thanks for working with our guys again this year. I appreciate all of your dedication and spirit towards the team.  You are truly part of the Jam family!” Will Voight, Head Coach Bakersfield Jam, 2014 season.

Corporate executives and administrators are invited to speak with Nancy about their concerns and to contribute their insights toward designing a wellness package that meets the needs of their employees and their company. Schedule a consultation by calling 760.379.1587 or email