Nancy emphasizes an alignment based yoga practice designed to inspire good body mechanics and intelligent movement. For physically fit students, drop into one of the ongoing group yoga classes.

Beginners and those recovering from injuries are encouraged to start out in private yoga classes to prepare themselves for the group environment or wait for our introductory course offered throughout the year.

Group Yoga classes are $12 per drop in class; or take advantage of our multi class discount at $50 for a series of 5 consecutive classes, good for 5 weeks.

Classes are held at Yogaya Studio, 160 Ivey Lane, Bodfish, CA 93205. Class sizes are limited, call for availability.

Class Hours:

Mixed Level:  Wed 4:15 pm – 5:45

Nancy’s yoga classes emphasize:

  • Joint freeing exercises
  • Full complete yoga breaths
  • Mental and physical quiescence
  • Digestive fire techniques
  • Core strengthening abdomino/pelvic skills
  • Movement principles to facilitate self-directed postures
  • Therapeutic alignment-based practise
  • Good body mechanics based on intelligent movement
  • Assessment of flexibility,  strength and alignment to identify postural imbalances causing pain

Class depends on enrollment. No more than 8 students and no fewer than 4. Email or Call 760.379.1587 for space availability.


Individual instruction is available to those who want to target their yoga practice directly to their immediate needs. Some reasons for preferring a private practice include the opportunity to work directly on the particular health challenges facing each individual. Group classes layer progressively harder postures on the more general areas applicable to all.

A student with tight shoulders, for instance, isn’t going to want to follow the group class into a downward facing dog pose. Or someone with hip issues isn’t going to appreciate wide angle poses or lunges. People with motion sickness will avoid back bends and inversions. And those with back problems are wise to work carefully and mindfully before attempting forward bends.

All of the foregoing poses fall in the scope of general group classes but would be outside of the scope of a private class targeting the identified areas needing concentrated attention through yoga therapy.

In private classes Nancy works with you to identify what areas of the body are causing pain and why. Through a gentle alignment based therapeutic sequence designed for the individual private student she helps you unwind the knots that bind and build a stronger platform for further relief.

Sessions cost $30 per hour and $45 per 90 minutes. By appointment only.

Strengthen your body and quieten your mind with therapeutic alignment based yoga. Refresh life by encouraging circulation and respiration through a regular yoga practice. Reduce pain and enhance mental and physical well-being.

Improve reality by increasing kinship with the earth. Yoga is the greening of the body. May all beings be happy through “Yoga, Yoga and more Yoga.”