Happy Veterans Day









Well its officially tomorrow but we’re celebrating the holiday today to enjoy a long weekend extended us by the government. Schools, county buildings and businesses all shut down and everyone is free to play for the day.

Thanks for your service and sacrifice to all our veterans. Grateful to you for stepping up to face the unthinkable during the hardest trials you or our nation will ever face. No matter if there was a conflict or not but you knew when you entered your life was no longer yours and I salute your courage.

When will it end this nightmare of domestic terrorism. We don’t need to fear “Isis” or other Islamic terrorists. We have got to look at our own nation with an objective eye.¬† Our democratic nation elected an unqualified leader who does not uphold the dignity of his station

The atrocities in Texas with wholesale gunning down of children is just unthinkable. But it was the demented mind of the gunman not the gun, right. It was also noted that the shooter was a dishonorably discharged  veteran.

Training unstable people lethal skills then unleashing them with all their emotional problems – which led to dishonorable discharge – back into the society is unbelievable.

What about trying to rehabilitate the discredited serviceman who poses a threat to unarmed civilians when he is released? Especially when, as we have seen in this case, there are no restrictions preventing him from amassing his own armaments and artillery.












All I can think of is to study trauma which lets us know that pregnant moms have got to be nurtured and comforted so their baby in utero feels loved and accepted and then brain dendrites grow and neural connections increase and brains get wired from the start.

We have got to get smarter. Not just in Science technology engineering math, either. SOmehow more integrated with the natural world. I think this may be the culprit. We are not doing anything outdoors anymore. Our civilization uses nature as a work mule, like the giving tree in Shel Silverstein’s children’s book.

We take whatever we want and are just so greedily consuming everything and leaving volumes of waste even though we are recycling better and I commend it but how about reducing consumption and material possessions.










Our attitude toward animals is utilitarian as well and we share this planet with them. I think we need to become more community minded not just in our societies but in our habitat and bioregion.

I pray for all of us tortured souls who need love and comfort that we find succour in our families, our relationships, communities and in the greater than human world as well and not content ourselves with so much material possessions.











Without the terra firma of mother earth our important civilization and human experience dissolves to nothing. May the sun shine sweetly upon you and the wind blow sweetly and the rain fall sweetly…

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