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Paraphrasing the Dalai Lama who said that loving people means we want them to be happy and compassion for them means we don’t want them to suffer. Invoking Metta on behalf of the fallen in Las Vegas.

I’ve been writing a monthly column for the local newspaper to build authority in my niche and promote my work. After the most recent article, one of my regular clients (whom I hadn’t worked on since last summer) called me up to schedule a session. This is the desired result.

I also just wrote my latest newsletter in case you’ve signed up on my email list. I write quarterly newsletters and email to students and clients across the four directions. This helps continue the conversation with interested visitors to my website and hopefully “convert” them over time into paying customers.

Permission Marketing

Welcome to the era of internet advertising where email is free so capturing email addresses is one of the most cost effective methods for educating people about our work. Plus they are a specific group of people who have asked to receive our promotional information. Since our subscribers are interested they become part of our tribe as we reach out to continue the conversation. And someday our gentle reader will turn up in our studio or at one of our events to feel the positive vibration in person.

We put our best material into the free newsletter such as recipes or practical advice to help make life easier. This invites a sense of reciprocity in the recipient who – appreciative of our sharing – decides to patronize us since they know us as we have been building familiarity about what we do and who we are. If our newsletter has helped or entertained them over the years our subscriber will think of us when they have a problem that our work addresses.


Marketing experts say it is far better to keep the customers you do have and use your resources to encourage them to spend more time with you which is why I do so many different things. People visiting me for yoga classes will hear about my latest craniosacral training and be offered promotional freebies to experience it.

Or the art glass I make decorates the yoga studio adding color therapy to our classes and inspires students to peruse the display to purchase gifts during the holidays.

Learning to cook vegan amplifies my heartfelt passion to protect animals and love humans since the food is so good and helps life in so many ways.

Using drums and sound brings people together in rhythmic harmony and community dance.

Dome Roof Panels Rising

We are working on the dome again too now that it is cooling off. John is applying the final row of roof panels cutting in around the dormer windows on the second floor  and the extensions. He has to hoist the panel up to the right spot on the roof with a boom truck and crane, then hoist himself up on another boom truck to measure exactly where to cut then bring the panel down to cut it in the right spot.

He then applies fiberglass to seal the cuts before pre-drilling the panel to make screwing it in on the roof easier. Next, he hooks it up to a crane attachment he made for the big boom truck equipped with a remote control winch  with a cable that he attaches to the panel to hoist it to the roof while positioning it just so by operating the controls on the boom truck from down below.

He hoists himself up in another boom truck and situates the panel to lay just right between the neighboring panels and into the metal gutters he fabricated to hold the panels where they end on the wall. It is a masterpiece of architecture that is built on John’s ingenuity. I gotta hand it to him.

Craniosacral Mouthwork Restores Hearing








Read the following article for a good introduction to how cranio alleviated my clients clogged left ear which had been stuck for two weeks. After several sessions of both ear candling and craniosacral therapy working on just the head bones we hadn’t succeeded in freeing the ears. In researching the cochlear nerve and craniosacral therapy to help it I discovered that mouthwork was suggested to free blockages in the eustachian tubes.

During the mouthwork the vomer tilted waaay back in the gesture of flexion into the sphenoid and the eustachian tube runs along the sphenoid where it opens from the middle ear into the throat. I realized the eustachian tube used the vomer to massage itself and free its obstruction which restored my clients hearing within an hour of her session and it has stayed open ever since.

Alleviating Ear Infections Through Craniosacral Therapy

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