Another Mother For Peace












Happy Mother’s day tomorrow everyone. Time for us to endow our mother with caring gestures grateful for her gift of life. We cherish and nourish our own mother and salute all mother’s across the four directions. May rose petals fall sweetly upon you.












Just had to cancel didge workshop with Mike Vills today due to his dog Jeeters getting sick after they arrived here from Long Beach yesterday. After a few hours it became apparent Jeeters was having bladder troubles. When her futile attempt to urinate become more frequent Mike decided to take his sick dog to the all-night vet in Bakersfield and from there drove her back home to Long Beach. We hope she feels better soon and,while we regret the inconvenience to our students, we support Mike’s decision to cancel his workshop.












Meanwhile I made a bunch of food so invited those who were registered to still join me for dinner tonight and bring their didges for an impromptu didge circle and then drum a little too so a few may still gather and keep the good vibes flowing.











After Mike got here yesterday we played a little bit together and it was really fun. His didge made it easier to play mine like maybe the sound sort of resonated into my didge and “primed” it to resonate a little better. It seemed easier to do circular breathing while continuing the drone which I can still do but its barely there.










I am grateful to artist Joan Desmond for taking these photos of the didge workshop with Mike this past March. After that event Mike gave me a didgeridoo made by his Aboriginal teacher. This didge is made from eucalyptus which is the wood used traditionally. It has a nice drone and, armed with some beeswax and a heat gun, I built up a suitable mouthpiece. To practice circular breathing I took an online course and bought a book in anticipation of Mike’s next workshop which has been temporarily postponed.









Hopefully we will see all those interested in learning didgeridoo soon. I’ll post on Jeeter’s condition as information comes in and will announce the date of the rescheduled workshop after Mike checks his calendar. ‘Til then…Didgeridoodidgeridoodidgeridooooooo












Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers!



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