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Recently learned about a magical modality called tuning the biofield which is about using tuning forks to clear energetic obstructions from our energy field. AS a craniosacral therapist I’ve worked with very gentle touch on peoples central nervous system which is their head and spine. But this always involved systems like the meninges and cranial bones and the cerebral spinal fluid. These are palpable structures not energetic. But we also send energy through the body using our hands to help us break up blockages. Now I am learning about tuning forks and am very curious to have my own biofield worked on.

What is the biofield? It is this plasmic container surrounding our body and popularly referred to as our aura. Scientists for the National Institutes of Health studied this and called it the biofield as it seems to be measurable. Eileen McKusick is a researcher who has studied this phenomenon using tuning forks and she has found that our biofield contains the story of our existence almost like the rings of tree. I want to talk about that today since I have been having some issues around abandonment due to problems in my relationships and I think my biofield very much needs a tuneup.









Using a tuning fork at 175 hertz, which is a sound frequency, Eileen starts around your feet and hits the tuning fork on a hockey puck to make it ring then she starts combing the energy field. As she gets closer to her client’s body, coming in from the side, her tuning fork will start to increase in sound or get static or turn sharp or flat from the pure tone and it is very audible to not just her but others listening.

This change in resonance on the fork means there is some kind of obstructing energy at this location which can either be physical or emotional. Usually it will be a physical malady such as a sore shoulder or neck but also can be something that happened years before that was painful and went unprocessed and so became a part of the person walled off from feeling. She can feel these areas in the biofield and compares it to the shamanic practice called soul retrieval.









McKusick believes the biofield is a plasma since when she hits these frequency changes they feel like she has run into a wall and that is in the space surrounding the person which extends about five feet out on both sides and 3 feet top or bottom . She uses a technique she calls “click drag and drop” which involves her holding the tuning fork in the area where it’s tone has changed and says it feels like the energetic obstruction gathers around her tone like iron filings gathering around a magnet. Then she moves her fork toward the nearest chakra and holds her tuning fork over the chakra which acts like a vortex to take the energy off the sound and back into the body where it can be processed and cleared.


Another discovery she made about the biofield is it contains all of our experiences as it has been with us since inception. The farthest away is our earliest gestational life in utero and the closest is more immediate in the present. As she discovers these areas in the biofield she will get an intuitive hunch describing the emotion and the age it happened. She says if a person is 40 then half way out the biofield will correlate to when they were 20 and so forth. She will ask them what is a sadness around age 12? And the person will admit they lost a parent of some other trauma that happened.










Eileen has worked with researchers into energetics such as Dr. Karl Maret of The Dove center in Palo Alto and Dr. Richard Shwarz of the university of Arizona who are also studying these fields. She is now an international lecturer teaching her discoveries around the world. She discovered it after using it on her massage clients and pretty soon all they wanted was her tuning forks which were making huge changes for people and her practice grew too busy so she started teaching others her technique and now she is doing distance healing and online classes like the one I am taking with her. She wrote her thesis on the subject and also wrote her book and has a manufacturer making tuning forks out of a special alloy to handle the healing practice she subjects them to.

I have ordered her favorite tuning fork and hockey puck which you hit to start the fork singing. I’ve also bought her book and am taking her class online after watching her youtube videos.

I have been resonating with sound recently after having a bought a gong a year ago. While working with the gong I discovered other sound modalities I like including koshi chimes, a friction mallet on the gong to make whale songs and a sansula which is a kalimba on a membrane. The geodesic dome we are building on my land has this high ceiling which collects and resonates sound so I’ve held Tibetan signing bowl sound baths and most recently a digeridoo workshop in there all because I am attracted to sound. Maybe it is an intuitive attraction to balancing my own biofield that causes me to pursue sound and amplify it in the resonant dome.

metabolic theory of cancer







There is always something new to study and another recent discovery is the metabolic theory of cancer and how we should be eating lots more fat such as flax, chia, hemp hearts, avocado, walnuts, olives, and coconut oil which are all vegan sources for me, but for others add grass fed butter and wild Alaskan salmon. This has to do with burning fuel more efficiently in the mitochondria of our cells to avoid disturbing these energy centers which have everything to do with the metabolic causes of cancer as detailed in a book I am reading called Tripping over the Truth which I will talk about in a future blog

metabolic theory1







Another book I am nearly finished with is called The Other Brain which refers to the white matter or glia in our central nervous system. This white matter is made from myelin which are glial cells instead of neurons which are the greay matter. Myelin protects nerve axons with these sheaths helping our neurons synapse better. Myelin is made from cholesterol so I am really taking steps to ramp up eating seeds and recently just made a recipe from my Czech friend consisting of poppy seeds, sunflower seeds and flax seeds, mixed with applesauce and dates then dried as a healthy energy bar.











I hope all this works as my brain is feeling a little fried these days due to relationship struggles abounding in my life. Praying for peace in my heart and mind and for all my relations.


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