Didgeridoo Bliss Sat Chit Ananda










Hello Didge fans,

We’re holding a workshop for the didgeridoo at the dome in a couple weeks. Incredibly, learning to circular breathe in order to play my didge was my New Year’s resolution this year! When I learned about Mike Vils, a Didge master from Long Beach, CA who wanted to teach a didge workshop at the dome I was up for it.











The dome is still under construction so I suggested an alternative venue but acoustic resonance is important in sound healing so we will be holding the workshop in the dome where we are presently plumbing it for water and installing bathtubs. We will move all machines to the periphery and hold our workshop in the center where the acoustic chamber is most resonant.










Mike will also play a concert with his Didgeridoos giving us a personal experience of the ancient soundscape discovered by Aboriginal people in Australia. Mike has studied the didge with both Aboriginal experts and American maestros. He makes his own didges and will be bringing several for people to play with an option to buy them after the workshop if interested.










Unsurprisingly, Mike also facilitates drum circles and will lead a drum circle after the workshop. Bring your drums and percussion instruments or use one of ours. Sparkling water, herbal tea and hors d’oeuvres will be served during these events.









Following all the sound activities in the dome we will walk back to the main house to share a savory vegetarian potluck. I’ll make soup which can feed everyone so people can bring something easy like juice if they don’t feel like cooking and still enjoy the evening camaraderie.

The workshop is limited to didge availability. Pre paid registration is required before the event. Call me at 760-379-1587 or email me at shaktideva@mchsi.com. Looking forward to mimicking the sound of the earth’s rotation into spring…


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